BMI Information

The Body Mass Index is a ratio of your height and weight which is evaluated against BMI Tables. The BMI Tables give a range of “ideal” weights for your height and let you know whether your Body Mass Index is within the normal range, underweight or overweight.

The Body Mass Index calculation is only a general guide as there are many other factors that indicate whether you are an appropriate weight for your height. Many people want to reduce their weight for various reasons. Some want to lose belly fat while others want to get rid of man boobs. A board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon is an option for reducing weight, but nutrition and exercise are usually better options.


The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation is designed for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years. The BMI is not suitable for you if:

  • You are outside this age range
  • Pregnant
  • A nursing or lactating woman
  • A competitive athlete
  • A body builder
  • Have a muscular build
  • Are convalescing or have lost significant body tone

Some individuals from ethnic groups of slight build may find that the BMI tables underestimate their body fat and show them to be of normal weight when they are overweight.

The Body Mass Index calculation is only a guideline. Please consult a doctor to assess your health and weight. A Muscle building diet can help you to get your Body mass index into a healthy range. The diet of a bodybuilder has a lot of protein. Following a bodybuilding diet will help you to build muscle and burn fat.